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Salmon Gums Project

Salmon Gums holds four exploration licenses (E63/2049, E63/2066, E63/2126, E63/2127) covering an area of 219 blocks for a total of 630 square kilometers of the Eucla Basin in the Albany Fraser Range Province of southern Western Australia (Project).


The Project cover areas underlain by meta-granites of Archaean to Proterozoic age. These granitic rocks are situated within the Albany Fraser Orogen on the south and southeastern margins of the Yilgarn Craton. Outcrop of the meta-granites within the Project is rare with majority of the tenements overlain by Cainozoic sediments, aeolian sands and salt lakes.


An initial reconnaissance and mapping program has been designed and is scheduled for the current quarter.

Figure - Salmon Gums Project tenure


Figure – EMT Projects