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Meka Project (E20/0976)

The Meka Project (E20/0976) is an unexplored magnetic anomaly located in the Murchison Region, approximately 110 kilometres west of Cue.


A number of magnetic anomalies lies directly along strike from the Gnangooragoo Complex on the interpreted terrane boundary between the Murchison Domain and the Narryer Terrane, and comprises a series of prominent magnetic features composed of both positive and negative amplitude magnetic anomalies. A number of these magnetic anomalies are present within proximity to the interpreted terrane boundary and represent exploration opportunities untested to date.


Following on from the recent reconnaissance and mapping activities the Company has designed an initial geochemical field program to evaluate the geophysical anomalies identified by earlier field work and geophysical survey processing and imaging completed by Southern Geoscience Consultants.

Figure: E20/976 Interpreted Regional Setting on the terrane boundary


Figure: Combined Radiometric Image E20/976


Figure: Aeromagnetic Image (RTP) E20/976